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Request a confidential presentation with one of our senior consultants.
This is where we listen and learn about your goals and ambitions.
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Ways to invest with us
Adroit Financiers has investment options to suit everyone, no matter what
your financial goals are. Once we have explained the range of investment options available, we then help you pick the right option which can enable you to fast track to towards your financial goals.
The best thing about the Adroit Financiers approach is that it’s flexible and
you are not locked in.


Welcome to the team
Once you’re on-board with us, one of our friendly customer care team will contact you for a welcome and introductory session, which includes answering any questions, explaining the process and walking you through the account set-up.
Once your funds have been deposited into Managed trading account our execution and clearing broker our traders will get straight to work on monitoring, trading and taking care of business
on your behalf.
24– 48 hours later you will receive an e-welcome kit giving you full access to the
Adroit Financiers website member’s area. Our traders will then commence their work around the clock monitoring and trading.


Let’s get started
Once your funds have entered our account, our traders will start
finding the best trading opportunities for you.
So sit back and get your money working as hard as you do:
  • 1. Maintain full updates over managed account
  • 2. Access 24 hour customer service
 There’s a wealth of opportunity out there, and there’s no better way to make
the most of it than partnering with Adroit Financiers.


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Frequently Asked Question

All you really need is your investment capital, a computer or a smart phone and a working internet!
To make a investment you must first become a member of Adroit Financiers. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit. All deposits must be made through the Members Area. You can login using the member username and password you receive when signup.
The company already has trained and selected professional traders who takes care of all your trades. Each trader is constantly being reviewed and credibility scores awarded from time to time according to the performance of the trader per trade. Pick only the traders provided by the company during your investment and leave the work for the company.
Any form of investing or trading has risks involved. With that being said most professional traders do not risk more than 1% of their total capital on any trade. Here at Adroit Financiers, we've used our best analysis and tools to reduce trading risks to a level where the company takes full responsibility for any trades gone bad. Of course, our team of professional traders and well equipped trading robots got that covered.
No, we do not charge any fees. The profit that we make from our overall investments is enough for us. We do not need to charge any fees for any transaction whatsoever, however, payment processors may charge you with receiving fees and we have no control over that.
Zero experience is required! Adroit Financiers services are geared towards people who have never traded or know very little about trading. After all, isn’t it better left to the experts?
Yes. If you introduce Adroit Financiers to a person or friend, we issue a percentage referral commission prior to the trading plan chosen by the CLIENT/INVESTOR.